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Leading with agility, intention, emotional intelligence + authenticity.

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Be the leader that propels ahead ...
not the one that lags behind

There's a career-shifting, generational workforce transition happening right now ... in a business environment that is consistently ambiguous, fast-changing + high-intensity (aka VUCA).

GenXers are being called to ditch the most culturally toxic Baby Boomer ways + lead with more self-awareness, emotional intelligence, intention, consensus building + authenticity than ever before.

Millennials are being called to embrace the most positive aspects of traditional leadership, while scaling up on interpersonal skills, business acumen + decision-making.

The leaders who emerge from this workforce transition (no matter their generation) will be the ones who have embraced these generational shifts and who have found the balance between leadership business skills + leadership human skills.

Make sure you are not left behind -- the business world needs the whole you!

I understand the triumphs + dilemmas leaders face today

  • 25+ years as a corporate leader, including in Fortune 200 + 500 companies
  • Columbia-certified executive coach, Fulbright Fellow and Masters in International Political Economy and Development
  • Success in navigating highly regulated, matrixed + hierarchical organizations
  • Proven track record in ambiguous, fast-paced + change-oriented environments
  • Experienced expat working in the US, Europe + the Middle East
  • 15+ years of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, right-brain + mindfulness training
  • Agile coaching style that is both pragmatic + blue-sky
  • Respect for individual boundaries, yet provocative + unyielding in helping clients achieve results
  • Ability to speak the truth with empathy + compassion

How I Can Help

Christina coaches executives who want to become even more effective leaders, communicate authentically, develop confidence in decision-making in ambiguous situations + build trust/buy-in with stakeholders.

She helps leaders + teams realize their full potential by stretching beyond daily habits + identifying/reflecting on new, practical strategies that impact business + increase self-awareness, management agility, emotional intelligence + authenticity.

Christina helps leaders + teams catapult their strategic, reputation, employee + stakeholder communications to the next level, especially in the most challenging of situations, including market shifts, turn-arounds, change + ambiguity, mergers, acquisitions + divestitures.

She also helps executives find their voice, develop strategic messaging, embrace authenticity, refine their storytelling + fight the fear that often drives leaders to hand it all off to someone else.

The ability to make good decisions in consistently ambiguous, complex + fast-moving business environments has never been more challenging.

Christina helps executives have confidence in their analytical leadership intuition by sharing neuroscience, data + experiential frameworks. She teaches the ethics of leadership intuition, practical strategies for questioning assumptions, techniques for identifying “weak signals” during decision-making + noticing innovative connections that others may miss.

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The Analytics of Leadership Intuition + Decision-Making
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Tailored coaching + consulting

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What Clients Say

"... get comfortable with being uncomfortable during growth, transitions"

Robert B. Financial Services

Christina is a great coach who provided support, tools and techniques that helped me look at my career and life differently. Our coaching sessions helped me discover how to balance and improve my life both professionally and personally and be open to feedback from my colleagues at work. On a personal level, it helped me focus on my true life's passions, get comfortable with being uncomfortable during growth experiences and maintain positivity during transitions. I'm on track to do what I feel I should be / enjoy doing. I continue to reach out to her, and continue to use the tools and techniques she has taught me, to continue living a positive life.

"... abandon old patterns of behavior and thinking that no longer serve you"

Paula C. Journalist

I was lucky enough to be coached by Christina. Not only is she a wonderful listener and extremely empathetic, but she is also very practical. She went above-and-beyond by sending me resources that to this day I still fall back on during times of stress and struggles. She is giving of her herself and details her own journey if she thinks it may help you in yours. I would highly recommend Christina for her professionalism, experience and ability as a coach without hesitation. She will provide an enjoyable presence and guidance, and will help you abandon old patterns of behavior and thinking that may no longer serve you in your life and as your best self.

The Credentials

Christina is a former Fortune 200 + 500 global communications leader, Columbia-trained certified coach + international Fulbright Fellow. She specializes in helping executives lead for business results + people results.

A Middle Eastern expert, she was awarded a Fulbright (Egypt) + holds a Masters in International Political Economy and Development from Fordham University. She is a certified assessor for NBI, which measures left- and right-brain thinking preferences + is trained in Gestalt Self as Coach.

She also co-teaches an International Coach Federation (ICF) continuing education course on leadership + transitions.

The Human

Christina is a champion for both leaders + employees. She believes that career satisfaction, business performance + culture change are most powerful when driven by personal self-awareness, agility, intention + embracing generational shifts in the workplace. She also helps executives develop their leadership intuition, which has been proven by scientific studies to be a differentiator of business success.

She has spent the last 15 years training in + practicing self-awareness, life-career balance + stress management techniques. Christina aspires to be the fairy godmother to her nieces and nephews, believes in the power of device-free moments + finding the courage to be your truest self whenever + however possible.